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Watch: April 14 Housing Solutions Speaker Series - Using Eviction Data to Inform City Housing Policy

Watch the recording here:

At our final event of the semester, researchers, students, policymakers, and community members tuned in to hear the presentations and participate in a Q&A from housing experts who discussed the use of housing data to inform city policy. Robert Goodspeed presented eviction data from Michigan, highlight limitations of eviction data, and proposed improvement mechanisms for data analysis to help create data-driven policy. April Faith-Slaker discussed Detroit’s new Right to Counsel program and the role of evaluation in future eviction prevention efforts in Detroit. Libby Benton moderated a Q&A with both speakers at the end.


Robert Goodspeed, Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning, UM Taubman School of Architecture and Urban Planning

April Faith-Slaker, Executive Director, Office of Eviction Defense, City of Detroit

Libby Benton, Associate Counsel to National Initiatives, Center for Community Progress


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