Reducing Impacts of Housing Discrimination on Health

The Project Reducing Impacts of Housing Discrimination on Health (RIHDH) is a year long project funded by MICHR 's Community University Partnership Seed  grant. This project partners with the Fair Housing Center of Metropolitan Detroit  (FHCMD) to analyze the geo-spatial distribution of fair housing complaints in the metropolitan area. This includes making digital copies of all FHCMD's files from the 1970's to about 2010 and creating a database of cases from the most recent years (current goal 2008 - 2016). In the future, it is expected to make a database out of all cases since FHCMD's inception. The database will be analyzed to support FHCMD's systematic testing for housing discrimination in "hot spot" areas and be used to understand the social and environmental, neighborhood factors associated with high rates of housing discrimination.