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We envision a world where decent, safe, affordable, and healthy housing is available to everyone. However, we know our state and nation are far from realizing that vision. We understand that living conditions and location impact many aspects of people’s lives, including their health. We also understand that inequities in access to decent, safe, affordable, and healthy housing persist in Michigan and across the United States. Our research and action confront this issue head-on by locating strategies to improve housing opportunities with a resulting improvement in health equity.

Our Mission

Housing Solutions for Health Equity informs local, state, and national policy through interdisciplinary research on housing as it relates to equity in health, race, socio-economic status, and aging.

As part of our mission, we will work towards:

  • Advancing the importance of interdisciplinary research on housing, public health, and health equity in designing policy solutions.

  • Providing research that informs local organizations and government agencies involved in housing, public health, health care, and health equity in Michigan.

  • Training students, researchers, and faculty members through research opportunities, pilot grants, and public events.

Our Values

The following values motivate and guide our work:

  • Data-Driven Research: We value objectivity through a deep understanding of the complex issues we study.

  • Equity: We value diverse contributions, highlight equity in our work, and promote equitable solutions.

  • Reciprocity in Relationship: We value fostering mutual gain in collaboration with our academic and community partners.

  • Sustainability: We value long-term impact brought about by enduring trust in our work and investment in long-term relationships.

Funding and support for the Housing Solutions for Health Equity initiative come from the Office of the Vice President for Research at the University of Michigan, the Public Engagement Faculty Fellowship, Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan School of Public Health.

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