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Watch the March 10 Housing Solutions Speaker Series: Breaking the Cycle

On March 10, Housing Solutions for Health Equity held our third virtual speaker series event, Breaking the Cycle: Creating Opportunities To Succeed for Families Experiencing Homelessness in Detroit.

This event focused on describing common elements of family trajectories into family homelessness and housing instability, including Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), intergenerational trauma and poverty, and institutional and structural barriers to recovery from housing instability. LaTonia Walker from COTS shared the organization's current innovative approaches to supporting families to break the cycle of instability.

Speakers Included:

Laura Gultekin, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Michigan School of Nursing

LaTonia Walker, Director of Coaching and Engagement, COTS


Jennifer Erb-Downward, Director of Housing Stability Programs and Policy Initiatives, Poverty Solutions, University of Michigan

Watch here:


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