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Join HSHE at BMCC 2024!

HSHE invites you to join the Building Michigan Communities Conference (BMCC) 2024. HSHE Director, Dr. Roshanak Mehdipanah, and HSHE Program Manager, Melika Belhaj, will present their findings from the 2024 Michigan Statewide Housing Needs Assessment, which they completed in collaboration with the Michigan Statewide Housing and Development Authority (MSHDA).

The 2024 Michigan Statewide Housing Needs Assessment reveals a landscape of critical challenges and opportunities in supply, demand, quality, affordability and stability. Against the backdrop of COVID-19 recovery, rising concerns over nationwide housing unaffordability and insecurity add urgency to our state's housing discourse.

Register for our session, An Overview of Michigan's Statewide Housing Needs Assessment using this link: BMCC 2024 Registration. We look forward to seeing you there!


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